The layout of excellent custom villa furniture mainly considers three factors: functional factors, economic factors and psychological factors.
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The furniture layout of the villa will be determined according to the specific circumstances of each family, such as the size of the housing area, the orientation of the room, the functional requirements of different rooms (bedroom, living room, kitchen and so on), the professional nature of family members, living habits, Personal interests and cultural accomplishments and so on.In addition, it should be based on different functional requirements, combined with the owner's economic situation, and psychological needs, the overall design and arrangement for local residents should be carefully designed. The purpose of this is to avoid the unsatisfactory layout of the villa furniture after the completion of the home improvement and make people feel frustrated, depressed, or feel frivolous and impetuous, and to avoid leaving some dissatisfaction or unnecessary regrets to the owner.
Generally, the layout of indoor villas can be divided into five aspects: furniture layout, room layout, furnishing layout, plant layout and other equipment indoor layout.

Generally speaking, arranging villa furniture is the first step in the interior layout work, and it is a more important step. The custom villa furniture layout plan must be set before the room layout.
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Apart from being used as traffic passages and other spaces inside the villa, most of the spaces are difficult to use before custom-made furniture is arranged, it is difficult to identify their functional nature, and the actual effects of their functions are not mentioned. Therefore, The first consideration is to arrange the villa furniture, according to some functional divisions, and then the open area of the partition wall.

Villa furniture occupies more space in the room. The general layout principle is that the furniture accounts for about 40% to 50% of the room area, and the indoor activity area is greater than or equal to 40% of the entire room area. This is a reasonable layout of the villa furniture. It is not empty or crowded, otherwise it will affect people's normal activities. In addition, it will also affect ventilation and lighting. Before the layout, you need to consider the location of the furniture and the passage of action. When arranging, pay attention to the number and size of the villa furniture and the space it occupies, and whether the space scale and shape of the room are reasonable or not, which determines the beauty of the bedroom layout. The furniture is well placed, can have the rhythm of the length, the size matching, and the height, which makes people feel comfortable.
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Three principles of custom villa furniture layout

Villa furniture is the main part of the room layout, which has a great influence on the beautification of the room. The furnishings of the villa are unreasonable, which is not beautiful and inconvenient to daily life, and even gives visitors a bad impression.

The general habit is to divide a house into three areas:

1.Quiet area: far away from the windows, the light is weak, and the noise is relatively small, it is more suitable to put the bed, wardrobe and so on;

2. Bright area: near the window, the light is bright, suitable for reading and writing, it is better to put the desk and the bookshelf;
3. Action area: for the aisle of the entrance room, in addition to setting aside a certain walking activity site, tables, chairs, sofas, etc. can be placed in the action area, and the villa furniture can be customized according to the area, so the room space can be used in the most reasonable way. And give people a comfortable and refreshing feeling.
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Tall furniture and low furniture should also be arranged in a way that matches each other. Both tall furniture and low furniture have their own shortcomings. The cabinets of the same height are more rigorous but not enough to change. The furniture fluctuates too much. Easy to cause messy feeling. Therefore, in order to avoid the unbalanced feeling of big ups and downs, we recommend that you do not put low furniture such as beds and sofas close to the big closet. The best way is to use the custom villa furniture such as pantry, bedside cabinet, chest of drawers as tall furniture, and low furniture as transitional furniture, which gives people a visual gradually extending from low to high, so as to obtain rhythm and liveliness. Visual effects.
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In short, the layout of custom villa furniture should be based on the principle of size, height and precision. If the number of furniture on one side is small and the volume is small, you can put some bonsai, small embellishments and wall decorations to achieve a balanced effect by filling the vacant visual space. At the same time, people's lifestyle and aesthetic concepts have also changed with social changes. More and more people realize the concept of interior engineering, and the choice and layout of villa furniture are important contents of interior engineering. In other words, customized furniture is of decisive significance in the creation of room space. Only by knowing the principles of customizing the layout of villa furniture and knowing how to place the villa furniture can you better choose villa furniture.
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