American style decoration is a style that many European and American families will choose nowadays, and American style custom-made furniture is loved by many people. However, for many friends who buy custom-made American furniture, they don't know which material to choose, and they don't know its craft characteristics. So how to choose the material for customized American furniture? What are the characteristics of customized American furniture craftsmanship?
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How to choose the material for customized American furniture?

1. Customized American furniture uses good materials. Most of them use natural solid wood, such as cherry wood, mahogany, walnut and so on, which are commonly used woods, which reflect the real environmental awareness and natural aesthetic taste; The craftsmanship used in custom American furniture is very delicate, even thin wood veneers must use precious solid wood, so that the texture itself has a decorative beauty.Customized American furniture is also quite skilled in the treatment of some details, such as exquisite hollowing or hand-carved craftsmanship.
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2. The processing method of custom-made American furniture wood adopts natural drying and drying oven drying methods to remove the gaps between the wood and moderately shrink the gaps between the lines to avoid curling deformation. The third step is to choose the wood material. The finest wood mostly comes from the core of the wood and the lower part of the trunk, and the wood is usually higher than the new wood or the outer wood.
3. Excellent furniture materials coupled with well-made make, make customized American furniture beautiful and generous, strong and durable; the details are treated with great care, so that they have a flat surface, a smooth feel, wear resistance and scratch resistance, and also have a good combination Sexual characteristics.
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Craft characteristics of Customized American furniture

1. Customized American furniture emphasizes practicality everywhere
Almost all American furniture is very practical. For example, many American-style functional sofas will choose gray and dark fabrics or leathers, so that they do not need to be taken apart and washed after being soiled.

2. Exquisite and exquisite custom American furniture details

Although American furniture has large specifications, it does not affect the exquisite production of furniture details. For example, the hardware decorations used in American furniture are often very sophisticated, and a small handle can have hundreds of shapes. These hardware accessories make customized American furniture more stylish.
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If you carefully compare the details of the custom-made American furniture and European-style furniture, you will find that the paint of the custom-made American furniture is dominated by a single color, while most of the European-style restaurant furniture will be decorated with gold or other colors.
3. Old craftsmanship makes customized American furniture more aging

Customized American furniture is more historical than those bright furniture, because it loves old craftsmanship, and the original shiny furniture surface deliberately leaves traces of knife engraving, as if it has been used for many years.

The paint applied is mostly dull matte color. The rejection of bright surfaces also stems from the hope that the bespoke furniture looks as old as possible.
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The above is the knowledge of how to choose the material and the craftsmanship of custom American furniture. I believe you will know more about it after reading it. The content is for your reference only, and I hope it can be helpful to you.