Speaking of home furnishings, solid wood furniture is the favorite choice of many people. Almost all families will have some few solid wood furniture. Today, when the solid wood materials are diverse and complex, even the same type of wood in different countries is different.How to cultivate a pair of wise eyes when buying solid wood furniture, so that you can buy real pure solid wood furniture instead of veneer furniture.Today, let's talk about the characteristics of the materials of this pure solid wood furniture to help friends who need to buy solid wood furniture have a deeper understanding of these materials.
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Common types of wood

There are many types of wood commonly used in solid wood furniture. Before purchasing pure solid wood furniture, it is necessary for you to understand the characteristics of these woods.

Rubber wood

Rubber wood furniture is made of rubber wood trunk, which has the characteristics of a short growth cycle and a wide range of sources. The price of rubber wood is relatively cheap, so furniture made of rubber wood is extremely cost-effective.
  • Advantages: good toughness, not easy to crack, easier maintenance, better wear resistance.
  • Disadvantages: there are finger joints, the use of open paint will affect the appearance of the furniture.
​Rubber wood-china solid wood furniture maker and factory
Rubber wood

Fraxinus mandshurica

Fraxinus mandshurica is often used as structural material and composite board because of its easy drying and easy processing. The reason why Fraxinus mandshurica is regarded as high-grade wood is mainly because of the black color of the local Chinese Fraxinus mandshurica species, so it needs to rely on a large amount of imports from abroad, which leads to an increase in prices.

The characteristics of Fraxinus mandshurica are that the heartwood is light brown, the sapwood is light yellow-white, and the wood grain is straight, with only shrinkage and ring patterns around the root.
  • Advantages: smooth cut surface, good paint and sticky performance, suitable for use in the north with dry climate.
  • Disadvantages: The corrosion resistance of the heartwood is very poor, and it is easily eaten by insects and ants in the home. It is easy to deform when making solid wood furniture, and many of them are spliced by small wooden pieces.
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Fraxinus mandshurica

Oak Wood

Oak has red oak and white oak. The color of red oak is woody yellow to pink, while white oak is light yellow. The difference between the two is not very big.

When buying solid wood furniture, we should pay attention that some unhealthy factories will use Southeast Asian rubber wood to impersonate oak, so we must not choose the wrong one.

The oak pattern also has the difference between the straight grain and the horizontal grain. The straight grain is more beautiful and the price is slightly more expensive.
  • Advantages: Oak has straight texture, coarse structure, and elegant color.
  • Disadvantages: It is easy to deform when used in a large area.
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Oak Wood

Beech Wood

The heartwood of beech is yellowish-brown to brown, and the sapwood is yellowish-white to grayish-brown, with obvious boundaries.
  • Advantages: The beech wood is hard and wear-resistant. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and is often used in doors, windows and furniture.
  • Disadvantages: easy to explode, and the scrap rate is relatively high.
Beech Wood-china solid wood furniture maker and factory
Beech Wood

Walnut Wood

Walnut  is mainly produced in the winter to the middle of North America, and is the same tree species as the Japanese walnut. The heartwood of walnut is slightly purpleish light brown to dark brown, and the sapwood is milky white to grayish-purple, with irregular stripes.
  • Advantages: medium hardness to slightly hard and heavy, fine and uniform fiber structure, strong toughness, especially excellent performance in anti-vibration and abrasion resistance, and has certain bending and corrosion resistance.
  • Disadvantages: Not suitable for outdoor use. Walnut from different places has a big price gap.
Walnut Wood-china solid wood furniture maker and factory
Walnut Wood

Cherry wood

Cherry wood is mainly produced in the eastern United States. The color of the heartwood ranges from bright red to brownish red, and the sapwood is creamy white.
  • Advantages: The texture is fine and clear, and the effect after polishing and painting the surface is better, and it is not easy to deform.
  • Disadvantages: severe shrinkage when drying.
Cherry wood-china solid wood furniture maker and factory
Cherry wood

Maple Wood

The heartwood of maple is yellowish brown with a grayish tone, and the sapwood is pale grayish white. The yellowish tone will gradually deepen over time.
  • Advantages: Although maple is hard wood, it is flexible. Because it can be used in small materials and has good adhesion, it is often used for furniture.
  • Disadvantages: Not tolerant to insects, so it is not suitable for outdoor use.
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Maple Wood

Teak Wood

Teak wood is mainly produced in Burma and India. Its heartwood is slightly golden brown or reddish brown. The sapwood is yellowish white to milky white, and the heartwood has special dark brown stripes.
  • Advantages: Teak is rich in oil and fat, has good water resistance, is not perishable, and can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Disadvantages: The texture of teak wood is slightly rough, not very uniform, and easy to change color.
Teak Wood-china solid wood furniture maker and factory
Teak Wood