As the COVID-19 epidemic is still spreading around the world, many people are forced to stay at home, which indirectly stimulates the increasing demand for outdoor garden furniture at home. Chinese Outdoor furniture has also begun to be frequently used in open balconies and outdoor gardens by many overseas families.But how to choose outdoor furniture in different styles? What is the focus of outdoor furniture placement? What details should be paid attention to when purchasing outdoor furniture, and what mistakes can be avoided?
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Choose outdoor furniture according to different styles

From the perspective of furniture selection, people have higher and higher requirements for furniture aesthetics and experience. Outdoor furniture is no exception. It should not only be practical, but also have the task of high appearance and home decoration.

Judging from many single products, many outdoor furniture have a great sense of design, but they are not different when matched. Why? Do you really understand the style of outdoor furniture? How can we make the combination of outdoor furniture and home improvement both practical and attractive? You must start with outdoor furniture style first!
The current outdoor furniture design style can be divided into traditional style, modern style, post-modern style, natural style and mixed style. The outdoor furniture in many people's homes is mixed with a variety of styles, which makes people feel very uncoordinated. After understanding the style and material selection, when choosing outdoor furniture, you can determine the material according to the overall decoration style, and finally choose the product you like.In this way, the styles of outdoor furniture and home decoration will not look inconsistent, especially the balcony and terrace, which are more closely related to the home decoration style. Outdoor furniture must adapt to their original style to complement each other.
china custom high quality outdoor patio garden furniture company and factory-interi furniture

Choose outdoor furniture according to the placement

The materials of outdoor furniture mainly include metal, wood, rattan, plastic and so on. These materials have their own advantages. You can start with the placement of the outdoor garden and choose according to your own needs.
If your china outdoor furniture is placed on a soft lawn, please do not use cork frame furniture when choosing. Because the cork will absorb moisture, and then cause damage to the frame.If your outdoor furniture is placed on a hard surface, you can choose outdoor furniture with a cork frame. If there is no parasol in the outdoor activity area and it is exposed to direct sunlight, metal outdoor furniture will be more resistant to sunlight than wooden outdoor furniture.If your outdoor furniture will be placed in a place that is often humid and rainy, plastic outdoor furniture may be a good choice.
When you are choosing and buying outdoor furniture for your outdoor garden, what mistakes should you avoid?
china custom high quality outdoor patio garden furniture company and factory-interi furniture

Don't use indoor furniture as outdoor furniture

Some clients feel that upholstered furniture is comfortable, and they place indoor sofas on terraces and balconies. In fact, soft furniture is not suitable for outdoor, because soft furniture is relatively delicate and should not be soaked in water or exposed to the sun, because that will cause these indoor soft furniture to rot, mold and age. Even if it is protected by a parasol, try not to place indoor furniture outdoors. And once summer comes, the comfort of upholstered furniture begins to deteriorate. In addition, cloth furniture without waterproof function should also be avoided as far as possible. If you want to increase the comfort of the furniture, you can prepare a few waterproof pillows, which can be taken back to the house at any time.
Some solid wood furniture is not suitable for outdoor furniture because of the quality of the wood itself. Outdoor furniture requires wood with high oil content, such as pine, fir, and teak. If you use low oil content wood as outdoor furniture, it will seriously shorten the life of the furniture. And the level of anti-corrosion treatment of solid wood outdoor furniture is higher than that of ordinary furniture, so please do not buy ordinary furniture and use them as outdoor furniture for the sake of being cheap.
china custom high quality outdoor patio garden furniture company and factory-interi furniture

Details to pay attention to when buying outdoor furniture

According to different materials, please observe carefully when purchasing outdoor furniture from China.

1. Product details

Regardless of the type of outdoor furniture material, you have to look at whether the details are rough, whether there are gaps in the joints, there are paint and plating, and whether there are uneven coatings and cracks. If these details exist, you may have already bought Inferior outdoor furniture.

2. the smell of furniture

Please try to smell the furniture you want to buy, if there is any peculiar smell, especially outdoor wooden furniture and plastic outdoor furniture. If this piece of furniture has a heavy paint smell or other peculiar smell, please do not buy it, because you need to be wary of formaldehyde, sulfur and aniline substances that harm your health.
china custom high quality outdoor patio garden furniture company and factory-interi furniture

3. Counterfeit prevention

Especially in solid wood outdoor furniture, it is easy to have counterfeit goods. You need to pay special attention to those who imitate high-end wood with low-priced wood, such as teak wood is often faked. When buying outdoor furniture with more expensive types of wood, you must first understand more about this knowledge and choose a reliable supplier to prevent be frauded.