After checking out the top 10 cabinet design ideas above,, you have a few ideas about what kind of kitchen you want. However, shopping for the right size and style of kitchen cabinets is not an easy task. To prevent you from taking too many detours when buying kitchen cabinets, we have carefully summarized the skills of how to choose them for you. With these 10 tips, you can find the best size and style for your space.

1. Measure Your Space

Measure the length, width and height of your kitchen to determine what size of cabinet you need.

2. Compare Different Types of Cabinets: Wall-Mounted Cabinets vs Free-Standing Cabinets

Wall-mounted kitchen cabinets are a great option for small spaces or if you have limited floor space because they take up less room than free-standing cabinets do. Free-standing kitchen cabinets are better for larger kitchens that have more floor space to work with because they provide more storage options than wall-mounted options do.

3. Consider Your Budget

Cabinet prices vary significantly depending on their materials like wood or metal so it’s important to consider your budget when shopping for new cabinetry. You should also consider how much time you want to spend shopping for new cabinetry to find the perfect fit.

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4. Consider How You’ll Cook and Store Food

Do you need a lot of storage space for your food? Do you cook on an electric stove? These questions will help determine which type of cabinet best suits your needs.

5. Take Measurements of Your Kitchen Cabinets

Take measurements and pictures before removing your existing cabinets to ensure that it’s possible to re-install them with no problems in the future. If you don’t have the proper tools, ask around from friends or family members who may be willing to help you out.

6. Clean Up and Remove the Contents of Your Kitchen

Don’t forget to take everything out of your kitchen before you start your shopping trip! This will allow you to see what needs replacing with new cabinets and make sure that nothing is hidden. It’s also a good time to clean up any messes made during the installation process so that your new cabinets are ready for use right away.

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7. Consider the Benefits of Different Cabinet Styles

Now that you’ve done some research and pre-shopping, it’s time to make your final decision on what type of cabinet style will match your needs and budget. Some benefits of using traditional cabinets include the ability to use your existing doors and hardware, eliminating the need for new doors, and a more classic look. If you want an all-in-one solution with no gaps, consider a metal cabinet style with pre-hung fronts for additional storage.

8. Figure Out What You Need

Once you’ve finalized what style of the cabinet will fit your needs best, it’s time to figure out how many cabinets are needed in your kitchen. Make a rough estimate of what type of kitchen you want, and the number of cabinet spaces will come around. If you want a lot of countertop space, or limited storage, or a large island in the middle of your kitchen, this is when you’ll need to make these decisions.

9. Use Your Creative Side

If your budget allows for it, purchase one cabinet style to start with and then give yourself some flexibility in case anything changes later on down the road. Purchasing more than one style can be helpful if you want a variety of options, or you might like the idea of having an open space for your kitchen.

10. Run Your Ideas by Some Professional Designers

Can’t decide on the perfect cabinet style? There’s no better time to consult a professional designer than when you’re buying cabinet! Visualize how your cabinets will look before anything goes into construction, and ask the designer what they think would be a good choice for your needs.

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