In 2023, the trend and prospect of high-end furniture design will continue to be customized furniture. Customized furniture means that furniture companies treat each consumer as a separate market segment on the basis of mass production. Furniture Designers design the desired furniture products according to their own requirements, and furniture manufacturers must produce customer-specific furniture according to consumers’ design requirements. Custom-made furniture can be divided into custom residential furniture and custom project furniture.
In recent years, with the improvement of people's quality of life, endless leisure and entertainment methods have emerged to enrich our lives. Therefore, people's demand for accommodation in boutique hotels is also increasing. Different hotel theme positioning will present different design styles and decorations, and also bring us different audiovisual and tactile experiences.
The hotel boutique room is not just a monotonous standard bedroom, it is a lively art of life, which can make the guests living here leave a memorable story of spending time here. Therefore,the concept of furniture design for boutique hotel suites should start from the preferences of the guests and the local customs. The designer of hotel furniture should respect the inner inspiration for the experience of each room, and integrate the elements of natural human affection into the room.
As the most trusted and favorite custom hospitality furniture brand for global furniture sellers, today our experts at Interi Furniture will reveal the future trend of boutique hotel furniture design in 2021 for you?

1. Interactivity of boutique hotel furniture design

According to the color collocation chosen by the guests, the combination of space forms allows the guests to blend into the role to check in and participate, which increases entertainment and makes the hotel a shared memory. The idea of allowing guests to participate in hotel design to generate interactive ideas and customizing their private environment is also one of the trends of future boutique hotels.

2. Originality of hotel furniture design

The hotel with original design demonstrates its uniqueness and can be favored by customers. The basis of design is originality. Good design highlights the overall hotel's spatial environment and expresses the sustainable development of a hotel.

3. Green and environmental protection of boutique hotel furniture design

The design should take into account that 100% locally recycled materials are used in the construction of environmentally friendly hotels. All energy consumption in the hotel, food and beverage delivery, and various energy used by guests will be recorded and carbon emissions calculated. Green is still a constant environmental issue. People must pay attention to health while improving their living standards. Emphasis on environmental protection is also a yardstick for measuring the taste of life.

4. The degree of intelligence of boutique hotel design

Nowadays, the scientific and technological circles are paying attention to artificial intelligence. In the near future, guests can use their mobile phones to remotely control the air-conditioning system in the room, the temperature of the shower and so on, and the navigation status of the destination will be displayed when going out. Most of the boutique hotel consumer groups are high-end consumers who have a soft spot for high-tech products. Integrate this guest information into the hotel customer management system, and use data analysis to provide guests with nutritious meals and fitness guidance.
Nowadays, custom hotel furniture design is not only an art style of life, but also a future trend.