Contract furniture has gradually become the first choice of modern urbanites at home. It not only meets the individual consumption needs of consumers, but also makes full use of the home space and brings more convenience to consumers. The closet is a major product of customized furniture. If some details are ignored when designing and customizing the cloakroom, it will cause dampness and disordered storage. What should I pay attention to when customizing the closet?

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1. Consider the surrounding environment of the closet

As the saying goes, there is no best in the world, only the most suitable. Before deciding to make a custom walk-in closet design, the homeowner should analyze whether its external environment is suitable for a walk-in dressing room, such as whether the room has enough walk-in passages, whether the balcony is a double-layered window, balcony and room Is there a door and other issues between.

2. Reasonable partitioning is extremely important

Because the custom walk-in closet will use many open cabinets, all the clothes are exposed outside, which is easy to be messy. Therefore, we suggest that the design of walk-in cloakroom should be reasonably divided into the slats. Before the slats are divided, the size of the objects placed can be fully analyzed, and which are commonly used, which are spares, which are suitable to be placed on it, and which are suitable Put it below, whether it is convenient to place and pick up, and so on, and then create a segmentation diagram of the shelf based on these analyses.
china Kitchen Cabinet Wardrobe Design home  Furniture Manufacturer-interi furniture

3. Avoid moisture in the closet

Most architectural design concepts will place the storage room close to the kitchen and bathroom, at least one wall is like this. If the homeowner’s storage cabinet happens to be like this, the moisture-proof problem becomes particularly important. It is recommended to waterproof the neighboring bathroom or kitchen first, and then put some moisture-proofing agent in the kitchen during use.

4. Purchase high-quality hardware

When customizing the closet, these hardware accessories are an important part of ensuring quality. If you only plan for cheap products for a while, it will cause trouble for future maintenance. Design a pier or telescopic rod in the dressing room, which can sit and hang when you change clothes, which is convenient and quick.
china Kitchen Cabinet Wardrobe Design home  Furniture Manufacturer-interi furniture
Although custom made cabinets have many advantages, the biggest problem is that they are not easy to return or exchange once the customization is completed. So when you buy custom cabinets, you must consider perfection in the design process to avoid problems such as size inconsistency.